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To Pray or To Do?

Daily Reading: 1 Samuel 14

Scripture Focus: Saul said to Ahijah, “Bring the ark of God here.” For the ark of God went at that time with the people of Israel. Now while Saul was talking to the priest, the tumult in the camp of the Philistines increased more and more. So Saul said to the priest, “Withdraw your hand.” Then Saul and all the people who were with him rallied and went into the battle… (1 Samuel 14.18-20)

Devotional Thought: As the Philistines closed in on the Israelites, Saul wanted to seek guidance and blessing from God. “Bring the ark of God here.” But, no sooner than the ark of God was set up, activity in the Philistine camp heated up. That was enough for Saul! “Withdraw your hand.” In other words – “We need to stop praying and get to work!”

The next day, though, something quite different happened. Saul and the Israelites had handed the Philistines a devastating defeat, and Saul was ready to press the battle. This time, however, it was the priest who said stop, “let us draw near to God here.” When they prayed, God remained silent. The silence was due to something else entirely, but the point I am trying to make is that Saul was ready for immediate action, but God was saying wait – just the opposite of what had happened the prior day.

There is danger in assuming that God is going to lead us the same every time. There will be times when immediate action is called for. There will be other times when we want to take immediate action, but God will say, “Stop and pray.” This matter of following God is not wooden and predictable. We must always be ready to pray and to act. That means we should be prayed up! Jesus told his disciples to “Stay dressed for action and keep your lamps burning” (Luke 12.35).

Prayer: Father, help me to have a bias for prayer, but also to be ready to act at a moment's notice when you say, "Move." Help me to be dressed for action with my lamp burning! Amen.

Psalm of the Day: Psalm 78.50-55

50 He made a path for his anger;

he did not spare them from death,

but gave their lives over to the plague.

51 He struck down every firstborn in Egypt,

the firstfruits of their strength in the tents of Ham.

52 Then he led out his people like sheep

and guided them in the wilderness like a flock.

53 He led them in safety, so that they were not afraid,

but the sea overwhelmed their enemies.

54 And he brought them to his holy land,

to the mountain which his right hand had won.

55 He drove out nations before them;

he apportioned them for a possession

and settled the tribes of Israel in their tents.

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