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This devotional book will be different than most Christmas stories, maybe even a bit edgy.  We will attempt to bring the story into a modern day setting.  One of the best complements received when I first shared this at Countryside Nazarene came from a father with a rebellious teenage son.  This dad shared that his son normally checked out during the message time but listened intently to every word of the story. 


Jesus used stories to teach his audience.  They were imbedded on the hearts of those who heard.  The Spirit was able to say what needed to be said to those with ears to hear, eyes to see and hearts to receive the truth.  I have prayed for creative imagination and license to tell the story of Ruth in a fresh format that will allow the Holy Spirit to speak to those who listen.  I pray that many of you will find yourself somewhere in this story of Redemption.  Perhaps you will agree that the story of RUTH is a preview of Christmas. 


Lester Leon Jones 

Christmas with Ruth

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