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Pastor Scott Wade has published four books with several more planned for the future!


A five book series that will help you read the Bible on a consistent and manageable basis.  Reading "A-Chapter-A-Day" (from the Bible) the reader will cover the New Testament and Psalms each year and will complete the Old Testament over the course of five years.  Included in each day is a focus verse, a short devotional, a suggested prayer and a portion of the Psalms.  The book is designed to begin on January 1, but can be adapted to start at any time of the year.

BOOK 1 - The Climb: Start Here
BOOK 2 - The Climb: Stay Focused
BOOK 3 - The Climb: Stick With It
BOOK 4 - The Climb: Stretch Yourself
BOOK 5 - The Climb: Stand Tall (Coming in 2023)





A 25 day journey to Christmas beginning on December 1 and culminating on Christmas day.  This book is designed to lead busy families or individuals through Advent.  The Bible readings - from the chapters of Luke - coincide with The Climb series, but do not have to be used in conjunction with The Climb.  Each day includes a key verse, a short devotional, and a suggested prayer to be read together or individually. Following that, there are discussion questions and activities for adults and children. Matt and Fay Wagner, lifetime educators, contributed the children's activities and questions. Christmas with Luke is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.


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