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An Introduction to "The Climb" Devotional Series.  


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”


What it is...

The Climb will help you take that step. Reading the Bible through is like a journey of a thousand miles - up a mountain! It begins with a single chapter. You can climb that mountain! Reading “A-Chapter-A- Day” as outlined in The Climb, you will read through the New Testament and Psalms each year and will complete the Old Testament over the course of five years.


How it began...

Many years ago, I was asked by a new Christian, “What should I read in the Bible?” I prepared a thirty day schedule of one chapter per day. Soon, I began publishing a reading schedule for the entire year, sending out daily email reminders. Then I added a few comments that I thought would help the reader understand and apply a verse or two from the chapter. That concept has evolved over time to The Climb.


How it works...

Each day you will be given one chapter (sometimes two for shorter chapters) from the Bible to read.


Along with the daily chapter, there is a practical devotional article and a suggested prayer that will help you internalize what you have read and establish spiritual momentum for The Climb.


You also will read a short selection from the book of Psalms. The longer Psalms are divided into smaller sections. You can choose to read a section each day, or you can read the Psalm in its entirety on the day it first appears. This may help you maintain continuity and context.


Start Climbing with Mark...

This short book, an excerpt from The Climb: Start Here, is designed as a stand-alone devotional book to introduce you to the five books of The Climb series. The sixteen devotions are based on the sixteen chapters of the gospel of Mark. 

Start Climbing With Mark

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