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And When...

Daily Reading: Mark 2

Scripture Focus: And when… (Mark 2.2, 4, 5)

Devotional Thought: In life, there are some things that can't happen until other things happen first. A car can't go until the tank is filled with gas. A baby can't be born until the mother goes into labor. Dinner can't be eaten until the groceries are purchased and the meal is prepared. A house can't be built until the materials are purchased and delivered.

The same is true in the kingdom of heaven. When certain things happen, they open the way for other things to happen. Consider the ‘and when’ statements in Mark 2…

When Jesus was in Capernaum for several days, the news spread throughout the town… When some folks were hindered in their approach to Jesus, they had an opportunity to show that they would not take no for an answer… When an opening was made, those who needed Jesus were able to get to him… When faith reached out to Jesus, sins were forgiven…

Too often we as Christians adopt the philosophy that says, “Whatever will be will be.” That simply is not Biblical. The Bible is clear in its call for us to decide and act. What we choose and do has an impact for good or for harm.

Stop for a moment and think, “What – in this new year – do I desire from Jesus? Are there some ‘and when’s’ that are under my control? How can I foster an environment in which prayers can be answered, in which change can happen?” Success and progress are not automatic in our lives. God has given us the privilege and honor to partner with him. Will we do our part?

Prayer: Father, thank you for inviting me to partner with you in the fulfillment of your will for my life. Help me to believe you enough to choose and to do, to decide and to act. Help me to do so with confidence. Amen.

Psalm of the Day: 2.1-6

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