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Moving and Turning

Daily ReadingActs 16


They attempted to go into Bithynia, but the Spirit of Jesus did not allow them. So, passing by Mysia, they went down to Troas. And a vision appeared to Paul in the night. (Acts 16.7-9)


Devotional Thought: In Acts 16, Paul tried on several occasions to enter new areas of ministry, but the Spirit would not allow him to do so.  Can you imagine Paul’s feelings?  “Lord, what is going on here?  I’m trying to do your will, but I keep running into closed doors.  What do you want me to do?”  Though stymied on every front, he did not stop trying. God had called him to reach the Gentiles, and Paul was not about to let closed doors discourage him.  He kept on trying until he found a door that opened. 


God was pleased with what he saw in Paul - that he was dedicated to fulfilling the task.  He did not make Paul wait long.  He gave him a vision of the next need, the next step in his ministry: Macedonia!


Do you have a vision that compels you?  The Bible says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 29.18, KJV).  The people of Macedonia were in darkness; perishing without Christ.  God gave Paul a vision.  Because he was engaged in the work of God, Paul was able to hear the voice of God speak into his soul. 


I wonder if we sometimes lack vision due to inactivity.  Someone once said, “It is easier to turn a ship that is moving than it is to get a ship underway.”  Are you moving?  If you are not, then don’t be surprised at your lack of excitement, purpose, clarity, and drive.  But if you are, then don’t be surprised when God turns you!


Prayer: Lord, forgive me when I fall into inactivity due to discouragement, confusion, or lack of compassion.  Grant me a vision to reach the souls for whom you died.  Amen.


Psalm of the Day: Psalm 74:1-8

1 O God, why do you cast us off forever? Why does your anger smoke against the sheep of your pasture?

2 Remember your congregation, which you have purchased of old, which you have redeemed to be the tribe of your heritage! Remember Mount Zion, where you have dwelt.

3 Direct your steps to the perpetual ruins; the enemy has destroyed everything in the sanctuary!

4 Your foes have roared in the midst of your meeting place; they set up their own signs for signs.

5 They were like those who swing axes in a forest of trees.

6 And all its carved wood they broke down with hatchets and hammers.

7 They set your sanctuary on fire; they profaned the dwelling place of your name, bringing it down to the ground.

8 They said to themselves, "We will utterly subdue them"; they burned all the meeting places of God in the land.

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