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Who Gets Credit?

Daily Reading: Mark 6

Scripture Focus: King Herod heard of it, for Jesus' name had become known. (Mark 6:14)

Devotional Thought: In Mark 6, Jesus sends out his disciples, two by two, to bear witness to his name, to drive out unclean spirits, and to heal the sick. They were to take nothing for their journey besides a staff – no food, no change of clothes, no money, not even an extra tunic. The disciples had to trust in the Lord to provide for them as they went. These disciples followed Jesus’ instructions and went out to proclaim the message of repentance, casting out demons and healing the sick.

These acts were so tremendous that King Herod heard of it. Notice that Herod didn’t hear of the mighty duos of disciples performing miracles, but rather he heard because “Jesus’ name had become known,” (v14). The disciples were not to be credited for these miracles. These things were impossible without the power given to them by Jesus himself.

When we accomplish spiritual victories in our lives, are we willing to give Jesus the glory? Are we ready for our names to decrease in reputation so that His may increase? How tempting it would have been for those disciples to feel prideful over the things they were sent to do! Even knowing it was Jesus’ power that allowed them to do those things, they still could have felt puffed up that Jesus chose them to accomplish His purposes. But we see no evidence of this in the Scripture, seeing that it was just Jesus’ name that had become known to Herod. May we follow this example set by the twelve, and humbly obey the Spirit when we feel His prompting, being careful to give all glory and honor to whom it belongs.

Prayer: Lord, we are so often tempted to let the praise of others focus on us, when it is really you we should honor. Please help us to see our victories as gifts of your grace, undeserved, but given freely to us because you love us. Equip our hearts to use every opportunity to tell others of your love and mercy, giving you all of the glory. Amen.

Psalm of the Day: 5.1-6

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